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Prior to becoming a Cinematographer, Kurt worked behind the camera as both a key grip and as a gaffer. This allowed him to understand the artistry of lighting as well as the dynamics of camera movement, framing and storytelling.  With him he brings unique visual problem solving skills built from many years of working with filmmakers such as Guillermo Navarro, Janusz Kaminski, Paul Laufer, and Matthew Libatique.


Kurt has amassed vast experience in all formats of visual storytelling. Quick to embrace the constantly changing industry, he can seamlessly integrate the latest in technology, visual effects and CGI to create an effective and memorable product that surpasses traditional filmmaking.



While Kurt Stevens is Los Angeles based, his hands-on collaborative work style, impeccable design sense, technical abilities and creative versatility have earned him the loyalty of clients across the country as he truly redefines the role of a modern day Cinematographer.

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